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  • Underpriced Furniture
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  • Ashely Furniture Industries
  • Adam Custom Wheels
  • Clearing House
  • Real Deals Home Decor

You are just about to close the sale, then your customer asks about finance...
What do you do?

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Often, a customer will not let on to their ability to purchase until the end of a sale. By then, you know that your sale hangs in the balance of the customers’ ability to pay cash, credit, or hopefully qualify for financing. Acceptance Rentals understands that neither you or the customer wants to spend any more time than necessary to get an approval decision so we set out to eliminate that problem for you. We can faithfully say we solved that problem and can help you. Join the community of retailers who are experiencing lightning fast approval decisions, increasing their buyer pool and increasing their sales day after day. Sign up today and see how our 45 second application can change your bottom line!

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If you desire immediate success and want to establish yourself quickly in the market, join Acceptance Rentals in getting your customers approved for the merchandise they want to buy from you!

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If winning the sale keeps you going, you are like us! Let’s win together. We will increase your buying base so you can increase your sales.

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It’s likely you have several finance bodies offering the same options with a different name to it. Set yourself apart and join the next generation purchasing power and see your sales increase. Join Acceptance Rentals now!